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Cloning Weevil Glitch:

First go to make new weevil, then select the weevil you want to copy, but change one thing the legs. And click Save and while it's loading change it to which ever weevil you want and you're done

Adding Yourself:

First click on one of your buddys and click remove, DON'T click Yes then click your profile then click yes, and now add yourself to your Ignore List and then remove and Send Buddy Request and accept and you're on your own list!

How to Report Yourself (Two Ways.)

1. First do te glitch above then click yourself, then click remove and a bad reason and you have reported yourself!

2. First click someone then click report then click your profile and select a bad reason and you have reported yourself!

How To Report A Person That You Didn't Want To Report:

First click on the person that you want to report, then click Report and click someone else and select a bad reason and you have reported a person that you didn't want to!

Moving In A Multi-Player Game Glitch:

First go anywhere in the bin where it has two player games, then click a game and crouch and then click another game and crouch. And now wait for them to load and then click 'Yes'. So now both of the games should be on 'Yes' and now close one of them and you should be moving anywhere you click in a game!

Multiplayer Game Help

Flip Mulch: This is my favourite game! For this game all you have to do is get the most mulch pieces of your colour, try and get sides and corners to yourself and turn their mulch pieces to your mulch pieces if another person has put the mulch piece near a mulch piece that is your colour on the sides. If you get a corner you have an advantage of getting all the sides and corners to yourself and your opponent will not be able to block it! Note: If you're trying to get the whole table with your mulch pieces witout the corners or sides, it is easier for your opponent to get all the pieces so be careful.

Konnekt Mulch: All you have to do is to get four of your mulch pieces together either horrizontally, diagonally or upwards. Click Here for the way of getting seven pieces, it means that you can't lose the game.

Squares: You have to get the most squares in the game. Here's a guide of a trap when you're playing someone: First keep putting on the outside of the table then the inside and then make a little square for your opponent and then he/she should take the square and make the other squares. Now get all the squares but leave four out and in the middle place one and he/she should be in a trap and will get the square and place it on the oustide bit letting you get the squares, now take all the squares and you will win!

2 Ball, 6 Ball and 12 Ball: These are tricky ones but they are easy for me. All you have to do is pot all your opponent's balls in one of the holes. When it is your turn to start first hit the ball and aim for the middle potting in two balls in one shot, this might not work but don't worry. You will get better at it when you keep playing people, as everyone says practise makes perfect!


Tips On Earning Mulch

The best ways to get mulch are to keep playing lots of games in the bin including Weevil Wheels, Spot The Difference, Catch it,Bin it, Kill it ,Tink's Blocks and Ship's Maze. Try and complete SWS missions to earn 1000, Mulch get the Golden Crown everyday. And your Mulch Tastic tickets and find the coin at Mulch Island, and play the Star Challenge complete all tasks you get 1000 mulch and a gold star. Play one player and two player and the most important thing is to try your best!!

Play games everyday to get mulch aswell and play the games everyday listed at the top to get lots and lots of mulch!!!!

Everyone blabbers on saying, "oh, I can't win kotb, it's so unfair", yet all it really needs is will-power. You have to be determined to win, determination is the most important thing! If you're not determined to win. Note: If you do win, it doesn't make you something like Super Man, so don't show off.
Now for the tips...
Firstly, keep playing the multi-player games over and over, making sure to play all of the games a fair amount. The higher you get up the scoreboard for the multi-player games, the easier it is to win.
Once you get fairly high up on all of them, keep playing all of the single player games, getting better and better at them slowly. If you can get onto the all-time top 100's scores on most of the games, then you should have a pretty good chance. If you can get upto the all-time top 10 on most, then it is almost a certainty that you will win. Remember to keep playing the multi-player games a fair amount too, to keep your position up on the leaderboards.

Choose a week to play. On the Monday, go and play all of the games across the site, including multi-player games. If your not happy with one of your scores keep playing that game over and over. Once you've finished all of the games, look on the King of the Bin leaderboard and see what you've scored so far. Between 1300 and 1500 is fairly good, and will win most weeks. If you can score more than that, you have a really good chance of winning most weeks. If you can't score 1300, keep trying every day from then to get better and better, higher and higher up the multi-player leaderboards. You can still win with under 1300 remember, so don't get depressed if you score less.

Glitter Text Generator
SWS Bubbles:

1. Shopping Mall

2. Underneath Kip's Scrapyard

3. Ink's Orange Peel

4. Dirt Valley Track 2

5. Maze Pit On Mulch Island

6. Flem Manor In The Wordseacrhes And Crosswords Room

7. Rigg's Palladium


Castle Gam, right rock.

The Lost Silver Kight.

First you need to be in SWS to do this mission and then find a key at Castle Gam then go inside and it should have numbers at the top, at the left there will be something that says CG click that and now click on bricks around the first bit where it says CG, and when you find the right one it should an arrow pointing to the right so that's where the next brick will be. Keep doing this until you see a brick open up and it should say a code, now look on the CG thing you opened up and there will be symbols with numbers on them. Enter the right numbers in and you move on.

Now in front of you should be a puzzle which is hard but easy for me so complete the puzzle then you move on.

This one is very difficult for beginners. Firstly click and drag the hook behind the left lamp. Using the hook drag the other hook down. Pull it all the way down until the words 'Wet Me' show. Then using the paintbrush behind the statue, wet it by using the water in the bottom right. Just hold it over and the end should turn blue and wipe it over the 'Wet Me' sign. Up should come some letters saying AGA GFEDC#D. If it does not say this then pull down the hook a little more. There should now be a flashing knob above the musical chimes. Click it and the music notes should come down. This shows which chime is which note. Using the stick with a rounded end, hit the notes to match the code on the right. If you hit them perfectly, a blue code comes up. When it does follow that code and you're through. The code is AGA EFC#D.

This is Simple but if you have a roman number clock it's more easier. All you have to do is jump on the numbers in this order 
I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. And now a big Silver Knight comes up then click it and you recieve 1000 mulch and a trophy!

SWS Mission 2 Part 1.

In this mission you don't need Super Jump at all! But some people say you do, right on with the mision. First go to   Flem Manor and accept the mission. Secondly go to Mulch Island and into the jungle, third in the green bushes at the end to the left there should be an arrow at the end, click that arrow and it takes you to the mission.

Now you should be able to see a Metal Detector to the left of you. And a battery near the bushes, click and hold the battery and put it onto the Metal Detector and now it works. Now in the bushes you will be able to see a crank put it on the end of that orange thing and then click it and and a shuffle should come up. Now your ready to start hunting, you will need to turn your volume up so you can hear when the Metal Detector has spotted something. Now start hunting and when you spot something the Metal Detector should shout 'Beep beep' and the Metal Detector should go green now pick up the shuffle and start digging where you saw it go off. Sometimes it will not be right but keep trying till you find it. If it's a scroll ignore it and pick the Metal Detector again and start hunting for a key. When you find a key you should be able to get inside but you can't because the door is on the other side now all you have to do now is go near the bushes, click the other side and you should start walking across. Keep doing that till you've fully walked across.

Now click the door and inside sould be a puzzle like on the last mission but with a picture of a Diamond. It is better and easier to unscramble the bottom first, then the middle and then the top. Now move on. And now you should see two things that you're suppose to use, click the silver things so that they can keep the weights up and still. In the ceiling there should be a set of weights Black and Silver, put these weights in this order. Two big silvers and three little blacks, second one is two big blacks and two little silvers.
Now the silver things you put up not the weights you have to take them down and a Cube comes up, now pick up the Cube and put it with the shapes.

Now to get the Sphere you have to find bottles where you can move their lids and when you find one put it where there are in a hole. To find the second lid you have to search another bottle and place the lid on one of the holes, and now the final one is in the barrel of water wait for it to come up and pick it up and put it to the last hole.

Now you will see this cup and fill it up with the barrel of water and put it in the place where the Sphere is, keep doing this till the place is full. Now pick up the Sphere and put it with the shapes.

Now for the last shape. First near the barrel there will be metal sticks, pick them up one at a time and put them on something near the place you got the Sphere from until you see it does not add anymore. second put the thing near below the Frozen Ice. Now there will be this tray near or below the shapes on the wall click it and you will see a bow but it will close quickly. So keep trying a few times till you get it.

Now put the bow on top of where you put the metal sticks and start rubbing it felt and right till fire comes up and melts the Ice and the Pyramid will be there, now pick it up and put it with the shapes and then move on to the final room.

The final room is easy,  just get three other weevils to stand on the red dots and wait till the reactor is full.

SWS Mission 2 Part 2

In this misson you will need Super Jump. First go to Flem Manor and accept the mission, second go to your nest and get your pet because it will be useful in the mission. Now go to the end of the first mission and if there are three weevils click your pet, go on the reactor and tell your pet to Jump Off and then Stay. Now wait for the reactor to get full and it should transport you into the mission.

Now you should be in a maze you have to find your way through the maze. For help to find your way to the Red, Yellow, Pink and finally Blue pins look below.

Red Pins:

This is one of the hardest pins. You should be in a chess game, you will need Super Jump. First Super Jump on any of the squares some will take you back to the beginning, but some will let you stay on. If you jump onto one that transports you back it will not transport you to the beginning, it will transport you back to the one you jumped and stayed on. Keep doing this until you reach all seven or eight bubbles and when you do try and get to the pad that transports you back to the main maze or just log out and in again.

Pink Pins:

Look below for help on getting onto the Pink Pins. In these pins you will end up in a place with white pins, you have to get all seven or eight bubbles but in the middle will be a circle. Use Super Jump to avoid the circle, or when you're near the circle and keep clicking on one bit with a bubble. Keep doing this till you get all the bubbles and then go on the white bit which should take you back to the beginning and go to the pad which will transport you back to the main maze.

Yellow Pins:

Look below for help to getting to the Yellow Pins. Now you should end up in a maze, don't step onto the white bit because it will take you back to the beginning. Try and find your way to the bubble. And when you see a circle this will spin you around when you click it and you will lose the way you are going. It's better to keep your mouse in the direction you are going to go and when you have completed it and got the bubble go on the white bit and it will take you back to the beginning and go to the pad to go back to the main maze.

Blue Pins Hardest To Get To:

Look below for help on getting onto the Blue Pins, you have to have completed all the pins to be able to access the Blue Pins. Now in the blue pins should be a maze, you can try to click the diamond and crouch because it might work or look at the final maze picture below  for help and once you have done it you should recieve 1000 mulch, a Blue Diamond trophy and a special teleport move! To access your new move press the action button and at the top left corner there should be a Teleport move.