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Whats New To This Site?

New page called the Games page!

What Is Bin Weevils? Page has now been deleted.

SWS Mission Help has been moved to Tips, Glitches and Answers.

New Glitches on Tips, Glitches and Answers page.

Tips On Earning Mulch has now moved to Tips, Glitches and Answers.

Tips all the multiplayer games on Tips, Glitches and Answers page!

SWS Mission 2 Part 2 guide is here!

New design and background added for more colour!

Just to let you know that spine has been done for!!! Steven, collie and dynamo have now taken over this site.

There are now Banners for some of the pages. Please apretiate them, I did alot of hard work on them.

Yσυ мαу ησтι¢є тнαт ѕσмє ραgєѕ ση тнιѕ ѕιтє αяє ιη мσяє тнιηgѕ ιт ιѕ ωєєвℓу'ѕ ηєω ραgє ∂eѕιgη.

Nσтє: Nσω тнє ¢σмρєтιтση αη∂ тнє ¢σмρєтιтєη ѕтυƒƒ αη∂ яι∂∂ℓєѕ ραgєѕ нαѕ вєєη ∂єℓєтє∂.
Sorry for anyone who was planning to enter but you have had enough time, I have now closed down the competitions for good.

Also if any of you know how to remove more the thing off, please tell me.

Just to remind you, I have put music to the chat boxes so that you can actually listen to something!

More things will be added soon when I find them out!

There is now a new Poll about changing the site link so the new link will be:

Which ever one has the most votes will be changed, or stay the same! We need your votes!

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