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2. X-Pro Player-X
3. Bam-Itz-Jo
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Changing your name: Click your name on the list of names on the right. Then change it and click 'Ok'.

Changing your status/info:
Click your name in the side bar next to the other people in the chat room, then click 'edit info'. Type in how your feeling or anything random under 'status'. Tick the boxes for what you want to show and type in your location. You don't have to do all this, but when somebody clicks your name then these will all show.

Adding emotions:
Type in a face like a normal emotion e.g. :) or click the ones at the top of the type box.

Blocking/private chatting/private message/ignore etc:
Click the name of who you want to talk or block on the right hand side and just click one of the buttons.

Talking to people in a DIFFERENT chat room: If you click a name from a list, and then click 'Add as friend' you will be able to talk to them if they are in any other chat room. Go to the 'friends' tab under the list of names and see whos online. If someone not in the same chat room is online then you can private chat with them from another place.

Chat Rules

1. Do not swear or bully other users. Swearing is only fineonly it it's not aimed or is too inappropriate
2. No spam, smiley spam or doodle spam in main chat.
3. No advertising any Bin weevils site, chat room etc.
4. Do not pose as someone else in the chat room.
5. Do not ask to be upgraded e.g asking to be a moderator.
6. Do not disrespect a Moderator or owner.
7. Do not put a disrespectful or rude name.
8. No inappropriate talk. You know what you shouldn't do/say.

What do the different coloured men next to your name mean 1?

= Owner
(They own the chat room, can ban, make people moderators and members etc.)
Grey = Moderator (Can ban, make people members etc.)
Purple = Member (Can be made a member by owner or mod.)
Green = Guest (Can be made guest, you start out as one of these.)
Red = Offline
Brown = Banned

Anyone who chats is entitled to be a FREE Member! I will decide on who gets to be a Moderator and who gets to be an Owner.

Put in email if you want a reply.