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About Me On Bin Weevils

On this page I will tell you stuff about me on Bin Weevils, ok here they are:
Username: Spineasaurus

Bin that I Mostly go on: Grime.

When do I come on: I don't come on much now because I quit Bin Weevils but if you're lucky you'll see me!

Favourite places in the bin: Ink's Orange Peel.

Games I mostly play: I Play lots of games in the bin. My favourite games in the bin is Flip Mulch as I am very good at it.

Favourite one player games: I don't really like one player games that much but my three favourite one player games are Dance Off I get a well high score on that, my best score is over 3000! And I also like Mulch Shoot I get a pretty high score on that aswell and Bin Skids.